“Reminiscences And Memoirs”

Reminiscences are much harder to draw than fresh memories; though yesterdays are better written than todays; todays will soon become yesterdays, yesterdays will never become todays. Today is a Monday though I don’t remember precisely what was seven days ago or seven years earlier. I may allow myself to remember this Monday because I can describe and depict it if I want to. The first snow this year in my civil war area, an unfamiliar  strange man who wished me all the best on my early and drowsy way to work, Cheddar cheese, a girl in a train dropping the packs of clothes, the news of the death of a famous director and the birth of a new child, the song I haven’t heard yet and the movie I like to watch now and then, thinking about someone, probably you, the drawings I haven’t either started or finished  ’cause I really don’t know what it all will be. What else? This Monday is not over yet…so many seconds, thoughts, feelings and words in it…



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