“Every Thing With Love”

"Every Thing With Love", 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

“Every Thing With Love”, 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

With love you are
and every thing with it.




    • The thing is that I’ve started drawing the face intending just to draw it, and then one by one I continued with adding different feelings concentrating in one look. I didn’t know whether it is possible at all to have them simultaneously working, black and white. The experiment could become just a next failure. But something told me to go on. When finally I’ve made a shot to see what I’d drawn there it revealed itself. The matter is, now I don’t know who is this but I see this pattern of feelings, a bundle of energy – joy, pain, rapture, missing, passion, affection… something explicit and implicit, olfactory senses. Thank you a lot for the appreciation and the words. I suggest your reaction was off-tongue and immediate and thus the most truthful and proper. : )

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