"Dandelia", 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

“Dandelia”, 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop



    • Frankly, it’s a difficult question to me. I don’t know how to identify myself, whether I’m an artist or writer or someone else. Art is my second language as English is. I’ve never tried to sell. I’m not a good seller. Though I realize I can’t keep more than two thousand works I’d made to myself. They are all over my place. They are various, they have appeared in a certain state of mind at different periods of time. I haven’t tried yet. There are some reasons and obstacles. I’m not sure whether all the artists or creative people sell their works in the way they say. It can be either illusion or delusion to make the name or achieve a kind of glory and fame. I’m not doing it for this. Of course, they can cherish the someone’s ego and (mine as well) if you’re lucky and enterprisewide. I’m for the art to go into good hands and minds. Payment is a conventional matter, just to provide the standard of living and support. After all, it’s a long-standing, complex and sophistic question of being.

      • I think something as small as putting some up for sale on an etsy shop would allow you the best of both worlds: retaining artistic integrity/displaying your work while allowing yourself to profit by your vision and effort. I’d certainly be interested in perusing the pieces. Just a thought.

      • I know about it. Your persuasion sounds reasonable. I like your enticing way of putting words : ) Now I’m almost sure you have the taste for a real art, and a fellow-feeling. Thank you. : )

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