"Bella", 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

“Bella”, 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

A queer thing that he could paint
but was unable to transit to her,
could hang her on the wall
and there she could assimilate the features
all the lovers he had not
or had in bygone, bygone times,
they called him bard then,
the syllable was smooth as skin of hers,
he didn’t know her name…

…and then she situates her head on a pillow cover and gossips ethereally she:

“Call me Bella now, I’m your Eve tonight. ‘Cause morrow I shall annex another raster face, prefix another proxy name but retain the same amatory demeanor… Your alias was penned in those sacred books you are native with, a tapster you are not. We are the clitics, nakedly disguised.”



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