“Locked In Lift”

"Locked In Lift", 2017, Yuriy Ku Drop

“Locked In Lift”, 2017, Yuriy Ku Drop

“…she wore a perfect perfume when she entered and pushed the button; he was there, staring at her, and then she was, as if they couldn’t spot where they had met before, intense was longing in the run of time; and then the lift has stopped on the thirteenth, and locked its door, and blocked the exit, and dimmed the light for their sake…”




    • Are you eager to know the answer? The one one man loves, the one that doesn’t irk. One has to have or to find it, and wear it casually. A secreted element. A secret. But that’s another story. Don’t know whether I fully satisfied your curiosity ~. Thank you for a good question.

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