“Cloud In Pillow”

“Cloud In Pillow”, 2016-2017, Yuriy Ku Drop



    • You’re not the first to put this question. I always find the way to say half-serious that it belongs to my head and hand as I can always explain the details and tiny elements on my drawings that aren’t seen perhaps to others. Now and then I bring these interpretations of the mind of mine that accompany the images taken either from memories, fantasies, spontaneities, illusions, references or unknown flashes (the latter is the nearest to the truth). With the time I notice that another sense can be revealed in these artworks as well. You know art is an individual craft. It takes time to ponder afterwards for it appears somehow involuntarily and even I don’t know the result of this time-consuming devotion and permanent habit of mine. And I’d lost a count anyway ~. Thank you for the words, I am pleased. ~

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