“Emma-Nuelle”, 2017, Yuriy Ku Drop

“…she changed her names and looks in time; once she was Emma, once Nuelle…”




    • Hi ~ You know I have so many sketches quickly drawn before. And taking into consideration that a mind I have ~~ is spontaneous they may become something in a time. Not all them are so good. You see…I’m not a pro artist, I don’t call myself an artist with this typical definition, but I’m an artist with personal looks.~~ it’s rather my vagary,…never-passing fad or distraction, escapism. ~ So, this individual craft that people call the art is a sum of practices, experiences, thoughts, emotions and so on and they are personally, introspectively revealed. If you take a fancy to them then they were meant not only for me. It’s such a great mystery why we take on some activities. My have started, apparently, before I was born. ~ When I was a boy under a certain age I used to look through the books and magazines with pictures, a lot. And, voilà, here it is now with me. ~ Every day, dozen of hours, find and sacrifice my time to this. People waste their time at their own discretion, right?… Thank you so much for liking, girl. ~ Yuriy.

      • You may not call yourself an artist but I am at liberty to call you one. And it isn’t just your art that fascinates me but also those few lines you write beneath each piece, and even your comments. I would like to write like you someday, not exactly but with the level of cleverness that I think you have.

      • You’re a promising woman and a promising woman-of-letters, I know and see it. Take care of yourself. And thank you for the words. ~

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