“Moona Lisa”

“Moona Lisa”, 2016-2017, Yuriy Ku Drop



  1. Wonderfully done! The pose and facial expression of the model is enigmatic, a modern Da Vinci. I get a sense of the presence of the artist from her body language. She is not alone, she looks comfortable, in control. I find the moon as fascinating as the the woman. Instead of a reflection of light, your portrayal demystifies its glow and it becomes tangible.

    • It flashed my mind after I’d drawn it as I’ve noticed a kind of affinity and at the same time a timeline and body dissimilarity. A tilt of face and its features, a place of hand, a length of attire, a status and a state of mind, and a scene of light. Sometimes it comes unknown to me why it brings this or that way. Thank you for the comment, Angela, I do appreciate it. ~

      • No thank you Yuriy. I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and insights.

        “Sometimes it comes unknown to me why it brings this or that way.” The ultimate state of mind is flow, when we abandon the ego and let the creation live.

        I look forward to seeing your artistic journey and I hope it is for many years to come.

      • That’s very right as to allow it live and perform itself. Thank you for the words, Angela. ~ As to many years I don’t know how it goes with us, people. I try to enjoy the present moments. ~

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