“Harmful Thoughts”

“…some thoughts can be harmful even for the resistant minds for they distort the truth emulated by un-truthful or adaptive per-sons, per-daughters. They may sound persuasive especially on a face which may disguise a spoiled nature. Either they may appear on any face and any tongue teemed with hackneyed terms, but not with the words. The words which pair on the tongue from one’s mind, immediately or in a time, tell another mind how to feel. Randomized thoughts of others may be accepted and corrected or amended in your own mind and then re-re-ported but if their deliberate purpose is to bring the damage and mislead and you feel it, it’s better not to leave this like an atomic bomb invention of some and yours to blow. Some scientists and researchers are vain minds. Before the releasing they have to weigh all the consequences as their inventions can be utilized in both, good and bad, though they often co-operate. Creative minds are not all creative. Some are rather destructive and may act in a time. Humor can be directed weapon as well. What seems to be funny at a moment – the drunk, the awkward, the reckless, the obscene, the man, the woman, the imperfect and vise versa – may turn into all angry and aggressive in a moment…

This thought was just a prescription and an antidote for the rambling and hilarious, hetero-blue and highly erotic minds like mine…”



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