“Ephemeral Encounters”

“Ephemeral Encounters”, Yuriy Ku Drop

“…she always appeared when he did not expect her. Each time they enjoyed their finite meetings no matter whether were they for lengthy seconds or were for accelerated hours. Sometimes they lasted for months. Then they felt uplifted. She knew he made a precarious but honest living by doing something they said to be impractical and illusory so she came in his hard times as a handsel of fate. She invigorated him, efflorescent in his bedchamber and he did her passionately because she was too ardent, vulnerable and receptive. He deluded himself into thinking that she would stay for longer but the following morning he found no her beside, no notice where she was. He got used to it.

Last time he saw her yesterday, on the 20th of May, 1920, near an uptown restaurant, a shadowed look of an unknown and renewed woman who never abandoned him…”



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